For My Future Husband

Dearest One,

I pray to my father in heaven that you are there -somewhere- doing something good in the name of our Father. I pray that you are strengthening in your faith as I am in mine. I hope that you are gaining stories along the way that we can share amongst ourselves and one day to our children.

Know that you are constantly on my mind. I am seeking you with guidance from our God. I am trying to weed out the unfruitful crops with guidance from our God. Maybe you are one that I have weeded out, but for that I am not terribly sorry because I need time to grow in my individual faith in the Lord, as have you. I peruse all of the qualities that I seek in you in all men that I meet.

Know that I am constantly thinking of ways for our children’s lives to be better than mine. While we need to be their parents first, we need to let them know that we can always be their nonjudgmental mentors second.

Know that God always comes first for me. Know that I desire God to always come first for you. I desire to be your second, as you will always be mine.

I pray that God gives me the courage to tell you the things that I haven’t even told to my best friends. I pray that that is how he reveals to me you are the one my soul has longed for since as long as I can remember.

Please remember that you don’t always have to be the best in the room because I love you the way you are, but we can never stay the way that we are. We always need to be striving to be a better person, a better disciple, a better spouse, and we need to be key components in the bettering of each others lives.

Know that I will always love you, but please don’t abuse that.

Unconditionally yours,



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